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Author of The Spinning Heart, The Thing about December,A Slanting of the Sun, All We Shall Know, From a Low and Quiet Sea & Strange Flowers

This is a stunning, intensely engaging novel by a consummate storyteller. It's tense and gripping and beautifully written in restrained, elegant, crystalline prose. This is a book that I would eagerly recommend to any reader, anywhere.

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Author of Unraveling Oliver, Lying in Wait, Skin Deep, and Our Little Cruelties

With a most appealing protagonist and a deft literary talent, Sheila Killian brings us a story to make us cry and make us think. Compelling, intriguing and skillful.


Author of The Herbalist, and Her Kind

Beautifully written and full of heart - Something Bigger tells us the story of Marcella and her brother Jimmy in a way that brings them vividly to life. We see their bonds to Ireland , and their loyalty to their new home in Alabama, we witness their strength, love and the power of words. This is an honest, lyrical and heart-warming novel that shines a light on what life was like for Marcella in Alabama, and gives us one of the warmest voices I've read in years.

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Author of Me, Myself and Them,
and The Great Unexpected

Something Bigger is a wonderful novel that takes complex and consequential moments from history and places them in a beautiful, almost intimate context. Drawing together universal themes of emigration, family, racism and social justice in a style that is at once compelling and lyrical, Sheila has written a novel that spans generations and yet feels extremely personal.
This book is a stunning reach into the past to explore moments we’re living through in the present


Author of Back to Blackbrick, The Apple Tart of Hope, A Very Good Chance, The List of Real Things, A Strange Kind of Brave & All the Money in the World

It's not just the compelling, tenderly-researched story that kept me turning the pages of Sheila Killian’s debut novel ‘Something Bigger’. It’s also the gorgeous. lyrical, multisensory writing. Page after page I was dazzled. Marcella is so fully formed and utterly believable that I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd looked up from the book and found her sitting beside me, writing that letter to her mother or quietly playing memories in her head 'preserved by candied orange peel, too sweet, too bitter to be real'.  She will take your breath away. What a beautiful book.

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Author of The Daisy Picker, Putting Out the Stars, Don't Even Think About It, The Last Week of May, See If I Care, The People Next Door, Half Seven on a Thursday, Love in the Making, The Things We Do for Love, One Summer, Something in Common, After the Wedding, Two Fridays in April, I'll be Home for Christmas, The Reunion, (The Street Where You Live, The Anniversary, The Birthday Party, The Restaurant & The Bookclub.

One heck of an impressive debut. Sheila Killian's writing voice is confident and brave. Everything rings true: characters, dialogue, location and story. It's a long time since I enjoyed a debut this much.


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