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July 20, 2021

Something Bigger is Sheila's first novel, inspired by the life of her grandaunt, Marcella, who left Ireland when she was only fourteen to join her brother Jimmy, a priest in Birmingham, Alabama. By the time she returned more than sixty years later,  she had become American, an Alabama belle, with creamy blue eyes and a slow, Southern drawl. Marcella taught Sheila to read using the tales of Brer Rabbit, and also told her darker, true stories of the South, and of one unforgettable drama that unfolded there. That singular family drama inspired her debut novel, Something Bigger which will launch in July, 2021.

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Sheila Killian is a writer based outside Limerick City. She was born in Roscommon, in the dead centre of Ireland, and now teaches at University of Limerick. Her fiction, poetry and travel writing have won awards in Ireland and the UK, and her work has been broadcast on RTE Radio. She is a member of Writepace, and spends as much time as she can by the sea.

Her first novel, Something Bigger, was published in July, 2021 by Caritas Press

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